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MJP Audio is now offering services to implement the latest in web technology for the design of websites, custom web applications to augment or create your online presense. Ditch your existing static content pages for fully customizable, dynamic content web apps. We are also offering free websites for those who have article based how-to sites and photo-galleries that feature products or projects. Please contact about free websites!

White Labeling, Branding, Customization

Either have a custom designed website for free, a semi-custom site for a small fee or a fully customized app facing your clients. We offer all three options to be most flexible.

In addition to your own website add file sharing and online backups to your site!

Have an idea for a site or online app that requires large file sharing through web browser or email? See our File Share Solution! Need to backup your website's data and/or personal/business computers? See our Incremental Private or Hosted Cloud Backup solutions!

Access your data from anwhere at anytime and share it with anyone, anwhere. Since our file sharing service is up 24/7, your data is also available for download, upload and sharing 24/7. You simply login to your account and with a few clicks of the mouse your files can be placed anywhere.

Web Site, Custom Apps, Redisign

Package Template Custom
Simple, Static 1 Pag'erFREE without Domain NameStarting at $150.00 per site
Simple Photo Gallery and/or How-To Site Site: $250.00 and up
Modules: Prices Vary Contact Us!
Live Example: Priced Rite Auto
Live Example: Flip Ur Ride Motorcycles
$75/hr or Flat Fee upon Agreement

Live Example: Mastering Stuff
Live Example: Litecoin Stuff
Full Site & Dynamic Module Design Site: $1250.00 and up
Modules: Price Varies Contact Us!
$75/hr or Flat Fee upon Agreement
Live Demo: Custom Signup Form Wit!h Email
Custom Web AppN/A$150/hr or Flat Fee upon Agreement
Live Example: Signature Comparison Online
Add Incremental Backup See Our Backup Plans for more details
Add File Share See Our File Share Plans for more details

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