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3 Steps To A Better Studio

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Backing up your studio data is the last thing in the studio you've gotten around to, yet the most important step you can take as an audio engineer, producer, studio owner or artist. If you step into a control room make sure you're clear on their data policy and if the engineer gives you a blank stare, then you can prepare to take matters into your own hands.

Audio Session Data Safety And Security In Depth

Benefits Of Backing Up Session Data

There are two main benefits to backing up your session and audio files.

  • Safety
  • Convenience

A Real Life Scenario

Convenience & Data Security

I have a successful friend in the audio business (believe it or not) to whom I once pitched this service. Ironically, he was more interested in being able to restore his sessions to a specific point at a rate or granularity other than what his DAW provided.

The beauty of this solution is the byte level backup technology that allows your sessions their own restorable versions by date, tagging scheme, file name or file size. Any way you can remember it, the file can be restored and brought up in your DAW quickly and easily. Amazing.

Store Terrabytes of data, encrypted and ready for restore. Share your sessions or restore them anytime, anywhere to another computer, USB, external HD via any web browser.

Quick Choice Backup Plans

Basic Plans Only $ .10 per GB

Need A Custom Backup Plan?

Use the following to calculate a custom backup plan. Add Options like versioning and encryption.

Secondary Reasons To Backup Your DAW

How many other reason to backup your sessions? Countless, here are just a few:

  • Deadlines
  • Restore your session from anywhere
  • Your reputation as an engineer
  • Money; Data recovery services are COSTLY
  • Money; Backup services are cheap!
  • Session Archival
  • Collateral

Other Benefits of Backing Up Session Data

You're three hours into a mix and one of the following happens:

  • Your hard drive fails
  • Your power goes out
  • Your computer restarts, gets the blue screen of death or just dies
  • You add too many Pro Tools RTAS plugins or Virtual Instruments
  • You add too many instrument or outboard racks in Reason
  • You add too many X to your DAW and your machine can't take it
  • Your DAW doesn't backup your sessions
  • YOU didn't save your session
  • You go to restore your Pro Tools auto-saved session and it missed the step you wanted