On-Site Sensitive Data Backup Appliances

On Site Backup Appliances & On-Site Appliance With Hosted Archival

Onsite. Configurable. Fast. Incremental. Encrypted.

Never utter the words "I should have backed up my data."

Don't be a digital hostage to your computer's hardware. Never worry about a digital disaster coming between you and your data. You can feel confident that your most valuable, sensitive data is backed up offsite or to a local repository in your home or office. With the flexibility of scheduling backups or setting an automatic interval your data can be backed up every few minutes. With MJP Audio's backup plans or appliances you can experience this peace of mind. Data can be quickly and securely accessed from any web computer's web browser, installed backup client software or our mobile app. Check out some of the backup features below:

Encrypt, Version & Schedule Backups For Your Sensitive Data

With options like encryption, versioning, scheduled backups all available on the our secure cloud you'll never have to. Picture this:

A Cloud Backup Success Story.

Once upon a time in an office not so far away... you're on the phone with a client or your accountant when asked for that crucial file. You go to retrieve it and..nothing. The computer holding all of your sensitive data has 'moved on.' Well, not to worry, in about 5 minutes you can have your data back as it was without missing a beat. You play it cool, put your client on hold and fire up your mobile device with our fresh cloud backup app and you're emailing your file in no time flat. When you get your new computer, all you have to do is install a little piece of software, press restore and you're back in business. No sweat. No problems.

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