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MJP Audio started out with not a whole lot more than a love of music. I wanted to be a musician so I taught myself how to play an old nylon string. It was completely un-tunable and had horrible intonation but it sounded awesome for the grunge style music I was into at the time.

After playing in a few bands, it was vocational school for me. A new audio engineering high-school program would just open up a year before I was eligible. I signed up and took it to a more serious level when I went to college to become an audio engineer.

About MJP Audio LLC

That Guy.
aka P, aka M. Samiches, aka Mikey P, aka WildCard, aka Bush Man

It took me a while to realize that audio engineering wouldn't do it for me completely so I went bcak to school to be a mathematician. After graduating I lived in Atlantic City where I got my first gig; make a recording sound better. That was it, the only requirement.

A friend of a friend hired a big time Grammy award winning audio engineer in New York City to record and mix a track but it wasn't mastered yet. I had to put the final touch on the cut to make shine. Everyone approved the quality and more gigs began to slowly trickle in. A few months later, in the Fall, I officially started MJP Audio LLC.

Top Grossing Track:

This track was used in some indie films and shorts including an extreme windsurfing docu-series series by BSP Media, Netherlands

Check out the full coverage at Windsurfers.de

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